Anchor Cove
Richmond, CA

News and Events

2012 Annual Anchor Cove Picnic - was another resounding success! Botto's Bistro - Italian pastas, salads and desserts were out of this world!

A HUGE thank you to all of the AC Social committee for all their planning and time spent on making this a fun event for everyone.

Updated 11-13-16

Please join us for our HOA meeting Monday 11/14 at 6:30pm.

Updated 7-22-15

The Anchor Cove board welcomes Sara Doran as our new (and returning) board member! Welcome back Sara! We will vote on positions at the next meeting on September 14th.

Updated: 7-20-15

Next Monday the 27th, Urban Painting will begin the process of prepping buildings 10, 11 and the South and West Elevation of Building 12 (2151-2351 Northshore).

If you live in or near those buildings, please be mindful of any outside furniture, plants and where you park your car.

As they move from building to building they will be removing dirt and debris with a power wash and then prepping for the actual painting.

There will be signs posted on all the buildings.

If you have ANY questions about this process, please contact Bridgeport management at 925-824-2888.

Anchor Cove HOA